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Schoolroom Posters

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I bought a lot of inexpensive posters to decorate the walls of the Schoolroom. I felt if they're going to be looking at something all day they might as well learn something in the process.
The Arabic ones I got at "The Bookshop" were at or less than 5dhs ($1.36). The English ones I got at "Mega Mart" were at 10-12dhs ($2.72-3.26).

Here is what I have so far:

On the door to the room I have Qur'an Surah An-Nas (114) the Last Surah. To remind myself what I'm hoping to attain and for the kids of course to learn it.

I found this awesome family chart labeling Grandfather Jiddo, Grandmother Jiddah, Father Abu, Mother Umm, Boy Walad, and Girl Bint, in Arabic. I love how they are covered and I can use it to teach them the names of family members.
In English I grabbed this Good Manners Chart which talks about many ways to be kind to people and I try to go over it daily with them.

These three will be used with special units I'm planning. The Human Body Internal for "My Body" Unit. The Instruments for Music time and also to explain in Islam we don't play some of these instruments. The Arabic Traffic Signs (which I could find one in American Signs) to teach them about Symbolism and "Transportation" Unit. Makes nice Decor until I get to the units though.

These of course I use daily. The Number 1-100 for all kinds of fun counting. The Shapes for both kids to learn different ways of seeing shapes. Arabic and English Alphabets for Rajaa to learn them easier.

And these last four I got to do with the World. A Solar System for of course Unit work and cause it's just beautiful SubhanAllah. Then a poster in Arabic with different weather. Rajaa really loves this one. Then we have the Flags of the World which we use as a game. Rajaa picks a flag and I help her find the matching country on the World Map. We also play different games on the Map itself like "Find Grandma's house in America or Tayta's house in Lebanon"
I really love how the posters brighten up the room and make it look fun and exciting!

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