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Our Homeschool Room Set-up

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Well you might be wondering jsut how I manage to have a Schoolroom in my house. I live in a; 2 bedroom, 1 partial living room, 1 bathroom, 1 small kitchen, House. One bedroom is of course for the beds and the other room is for a PlayRoom/ComputerRoom/SchoolRoom/WorkRoom. I've re-arranged it again and again to suit my purposes but now I've changed it into a SchoolRoom for the Homeschooling.

here are pictures to elaborate:

Here is the entrance. A happy look of informative posters and bright carpet (that I saved up for a year to buy! YAY! It was worth it!). I also added a store bought Ocean Border to the top with Fish, Starfish,and Seashells on it. The other side features a handmade Disney Princess Border.

As we step inside we see the rest of the far wall where I store my foldable laundry drying rack (did I mention this is the LaundryRoom too LOL), Folding Bus, Vacuum, Hubby's Tools, Rajaa's Bike, and the Sports things like Balls and Bowling Pins and such in that giant Blue Bucket. Formally the bucket was for laundry but it cracked and is now re-assigned. Attatched to the light I rigged up Bulletin Board No.2 (see post how later). Aha! and for the immensly curious yes this chair is where I sit for Blogging Central.

This is my desk where I stash things like Cds, paperwork, a all sorts of Doo-dads, I really need to organize it YIKES! The turned over bookcase above it helps me emensly with organizing. ERmmm yes it's a work in progress...

The bookcase was overturned to help me fit my large notebooks in it. The top shelf used to hold my glassware and tea set collection but since has been used to keep things out of reach of small climbing hands. Also things I need to fix or work on I stacked there on the upper right. See those papers on top of the green box, yeah that's my story I'm working on lol. The spiral notebook above that is a different story.. ok ok back to Homeschooling.... So the first box on the left is holding my Misc papers that I need to sort. The second box is holding all the puzzles for the kids. The third box is holding the kid's notebooks and Reems of Paper for crafts and any crafts currently under construction. The fourth box holds special crafting materials (for now until I get them into the Red Box) and a box for things like stapler,scissors and such, another basket for pens and markers. Also our Family Mailbox is stored there (post about that later).

Here is the Kid's Toys Storage. I'd disolve into a pile of mush if I didn't have a way to organize these toys. They are the bane of my existance. Up at the top (where a built in ledge is) is a 9 basket toy sorter. Then for the bulky toys I bought an open shelves to just toss the big stuff in. (Thanks again Mom for putting it together XOXOX) Then those clear pink lided boxes hold Dress-up Costumes (most homemade) and the other some smaller toys I bring out occassionaly when the kids have forgoten about them. That cute Red Box is what I'll use to store all the craft supplies for School in the future instead of stacking them up in the corner behind the large shelving. Above is the handmade Disney Princess Border. I cut (uneven) strips of pink posterboard and stuck on princess stickers stuck on whiteposterboard shapes. Then covered them with clear tape to laminate. The big wheely toys just rest on the floor next to the spongey green 4 piece puzzle mat. Good for jumping on.

The desks are used to house more of my misc papers (I really gotta get down to sorting those!) and the other cleaned off desk is for Rajaa to do her book work on and for her to store her workbooks and coloring books in. Above it is Bulletin Board No.1 attatched to the shelf. On the shelf I store the DVDs, old hamster cage, and anything that the kids can't mess with like barbell weights.

Back over to the first wall though is this fun little comfy place to sit and do work or read stories or just lay on. It is a baby crib matress that I just wrapped in a sheet and added some throw pillows and stuffed toys. It is normally where we do our learning at and art projects at.

Naturally the kids -err i mean students... also use it for wrestling training, manditory school photos, and jumping for P.E.

Mustapha made his escape from the wrestling ring and ditched the school picture day while Rajaa poses as if she never hurt a fly. Gotta love my students!
Hope you enjoyed the tour of Our Schoolroom. If you have any questions or comments feel free to click and fill out the form below. *puts on Principal smile* Thank you and have a lovely day, come again soon!

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anjum said...

Nice School set-up. I homeschool my 4 kids in DE, USA so it's always nice to get ideas. May Allah help you with your homeschooling!

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