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Pet Care is what we started out February doing. It's part of our Farm Unit on learning what animals need to live and be happy. This project is very easy to do. We did one or two every day.

Supplies Needed:
Sturdy White Paper
Markers (esp. a good Black one)
Glitter (optional)
Printed Items from Internet (if you're not artistically inclined)

First with the White Paper make a bowl shape and draw on the water. This represents two needs: Home and Water, Then Make a Fish, Cave, Rocks, Plants, and Fish Food.
I drew each of these things and explained what they are used for by the fish as Rajaa was coloring them with crayons. I did the boring coloring (of water and large areas).
Then we placed the things where they would go naturally. I let her choose which side of the rocks she wanted the cave and plants to be on and where the food goes. I put glue on the pieces and let her stick them on. After gluing I added a touch of glitter to make it special allowing her to put pinches of glitter on the fish. Then proudly display it!

Next came dog. I made the DogHouse, then a Bone, Ball, Water and Food Dish. I explained that animals need things that make them happy. They will get bored without toys. Also dogs eat meat a lot but since they are pets we give them specially made dog pet food from the store. To help them be strong.
When finished coloring we glued, glittered, and displayed it.

Next came the cat! I made a (tricky to draw) Cat Scratching Post with a Home, a Cat (who I colored to look like our stray cat Summer), a Food and Water Bowl, Cat Balls, Yarn, and a Squeaky Mouse Toy. While I colored the Cat and Home she colored the accessories we talked about what cats love to do to keep happy. I explained that animal make us happy and in return we make them happy which is why they love to live with us.
After cutting, gluing, we of course displayed it.

Next came the bird. I drew a Bird on a Perch/Swing, String Toy, Seed Holder, Water Bottle, Cage with Wooden Perch. I let her color everything while I did the Bird. Then she glued it all on and we put it up.

Last came Hamster and Mice, I didn't feel like making two cages so I just put them together. Drew a Water Bottle, Hamster, Food Bowl with Seeds, Tube with Mouse1 and Mouse2, Woodchips for Cage, and of course the Cage.
I let her place them where she wanted them. After I carefully measured the woodchips and glued them in. Then we added some glitter for fun. It was the last to go on the display board. It was a nice group all together!
We had a hamster that died, birds that have died, and two stray cats that come around now and then so this Unit was easy for Rajaa to relate to. Mustapha loved seeing the finished animals and calls them by the sounds they make.
After we made all of these we went to the Pet Store at Al-Ain mall to check out each real animal. They really loved the fish the best. I was soo tempted to buy one but all the accessories were expensive so I figured out fake fish at home was good enough.

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Part of our Daily Routine and our Lifelong Unit of Islam is reciting the following verses of Qur'an. The Holy Book given to us from Prophet Muhammad who received it straight from the Arch-Angel Gabriel who received it by God's Command. And when God says Be, it is.

The Opening Verse called Al-Fatiha:

Next we go to the shorter verses for easier Memorization.
Here is Surah 112 -Al-Ikhlas (Sincerity)

Then Surah 113 - Al-Falaq (The Daybreak)
The last Verse of the Qur'an is Surah 114 - An-Nas (Mankind)
I try to review them in the morning when they wake up and sometime during the day then again at night when they are going to sleep. Keeping it fresh in the memory is key to keeping it in the heart.
Rajaa can say all of Al-Fatiha now. She enjoys reciting with me when I pray too.
She then learned Al-Ikhlas. Finally she has it with no mistakes Alhamdulillah.
Now we are working on Al-Falaq and An-Nas. The rhyming verses encourage memorization so she manages the endings but she needs to learn the inner parts of each verse. Insha'Allah it will become more easy for her.
Mustapha enjoys listening to them and usually will sit on my lap during day recitations.
Allahu Akbar

Al-Ain Airshow: January 28th, 2009

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When Rajaa was a baby and toddler she loved this book "Planes" by Byron Barton

It shows different types of planes and people getting off the plane and other fun things. It was her favorite on airplane trips to USA and Lebanon. But Mustapha has never been on a plane nor has he seen one live before. So when reading the book to him I make lots of sound effects and emphasize things. The chance to go to the yearly Al-Ain Airshow on January 28th came. I almost forgot about it but my close fellow Homeschooling friend reminded me! I was quick to load up the kids and some snacks (I had just made a dense coconut cake so I sliced that up for snacks and peanut butter sandwiches) and I off we went~!

We couldn't afford the fee to enter the main viewing area so we parked in the parking lot behind with many other families and could see a lot of plane action there. We had forgotten chairs so I just popped open the back of the minivan and we sat on the bumper (with the open door above us shading us alhamdulillah) we saw some smaller planes doing loop-de-loops and one made a heart with it's trail. I explained these terms to Rajaa and Mustapha was just thrilled to see actual airplanes. Naturally I brought the book with us to solidify the correlation.

We could only stay for an hour til my husband had to go to work so we missed out on the ladies dancing on top of the planes and the jet planes. But it was still worth it.
When we got home I pulled some craft supplies together for a craft.

You need:
White Paper
Black Marker
Cotton Balls
Crayons or Markers
Optional Glitter (if it strikes your young artists' fancy)
And a blue colored paper (to show "sky")

On the white paper draw an airplane for each of your students. Or print from the Internet if you're not artistically inclined.
Let them color it with crayons or markers (we used crayons). Rajaa wanted an all pink plane and Mustapha did an awesome multi-colored one.
Then I cut out Mustapha's and let Rajaa try to do hers mostly by herself.
I then let them glue it to the Blue Paper in whatever position they want.
Then I asked Rajaa what shape of the airplane trail she wanted. She liked the heart so she made one and we connected it to the airplane's tail. Mustapha just held my hand and dragged it back and forth across the paper and amazingly came out with a nice swirl that I then connected to the airplane tail.
Then they had an absolute blast as I tore of small tuffs (since they were tearing off half the ball at first) from the cotton balls, and gave it to them to stick on the glue to form a great trail to the airplane. I was excited that even Mo could do this one. He didn't like the glue and cotton on his fingers so Rajaa helped him finish his.
Finally we reached the final product and I wrote the event and date and Names on the paper.
TA-DA! We stuck it on Bulletin Board 2.

Mustapha loves to read this book even more now! A great field trip!

January -Zoo: Monthly Test

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After we finished our January Unit of the Zoo we had a test to see how much Rajaa actually remembered.

I started out by drawing what natural things animals eat like: Fruits, Leaves, Trees, Grass, Plants, Bugs. Then I drew the animals we reviewed that eat these things. Then I made the animals that eat these smaller animals. I had her father administer the test (to be fair). She had to sit at the dining table so she couldn't see her bulletin board. She had to draw a line to match the animal to what it eats. I thought about making geography of where the animals live too but that got too complicated so I scratched it out (and edited it out of the picture).
She did pretty well. She started out fast and then after a while got sidetracked and started being goofy (test pressures) but she finally finished after her last goofy hippo to leaf line. I honestly felt a little discouraged at the end because she was goofing and not really thinking but I suppose that's normal with tests and for her first ever test she did well. There were 12 possible connections and she only missed 3 so that's a B basically. I was very proud of her for starting in on the test with enthusiasm though. We re-discussed the ones she got wrong. Then I stuck it on the bulletin board to close out the Unit.

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