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January -Zoo: Monthly Test

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After we finished our January Unit of the Zoo we had a test to see how much Rajaa actually remembered.

I started out by drawing what natural things animals eat like: Fruits, Leaves, Trees, Grass, Plants, Bugs. Then I drew the animals we reviewed that eat these things. Then I made the animals that eat these smaller animals. I had her father administer the test (to be fair). She had to sit at the dining table so she couldn't see her bulletin board. She had to draw a line to match the animal to what it eats. I thought about making geography of where the animals live too but that got too complicated so I scratched it out (and edited it out of the picture).
She did pretty well. She started out fast and then after a while got sidetracked and started being goofy (test pressures) but she finally finished after her last goofy hippo to leaf line. I honestly felt a little discouraged at the end because she was goofing and not really thinking but I suppose that's normal with tests and for her first ever test she did well. There were 12 possible connections and she only missed 3 so that's a B basically. I was very proud of her for starting in on the test with enthusiasm though. We re-discussed the ones she got wrong. Then I stuck it on the bulletin board to close out the Unit.

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